Welcome to the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society.

From Cowboy Bebop to Princess Mononoke, Azumanga Daioh to Dragon Ball Z, the Anime and Manga society is for anyone interested in trying, watching, discussing or borrowing Anime or Manga of any kind, and meeting people with similar interests.

Welcome Freshers!
To any freshers who've already found this page, welcome to Warwick!
The first anime society session will start at 6:30 on Tuesday WEEK 2 and will be something of a taster session, so feel free to come along even if you don't have membership yet.
We'll also be at the societies fair on Thursday, so feel free to come ask us any questions or just get to know who the exec are.
In the meantime, you can sign up for the society forum at http://forums.animesoc.co.uk/ and we'll be happy to answer any questions there.
Unofficial Summer Online Showings
Just a notice to let people know that for the holidays some members of the society have formed an anime watching group that meets up at 3:30PM every Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to crunch through shows in glorious 360p.
We also watch youtube videos of varying quality that anyone can suggest.
Everyone is welcome to join, to do so go here: http://cytu.be/r/Warwick
The current series being shown are Symphogear (Up to episode 3 shown so far) and Cromartie High School (Up to episode 6 shown so far), as well as Sabagebu (Up to episode 6 shown so far) whenever a new episode is released.
Previous series shown have been Milky Holmes, Wake Up Girls! and Seriously Otaku English: Magical Ribbon-Chan.

Feel free to join in and a watch a couple of episodes of some anime of dubious quality.
Telford Trip Details
Hi guys, quick message to update you on the Telford trip.

If you want to make your own way there, that's fine, it opens at 9:30 for early access, and general entry is at 11am.

If you want to travel with us, we're meeting at 6:40am at the Piazza on campus for taxis. Then taking the 7:30 train from Coventry, changing at Birmingham International (not new street) and arriving at Telford at 8:58. An Off-Peak Day Return ticket costs £12.40 before railcard discounts if applicable, and allows a return on any train later in the day which all seem to be every hour at either XX08 or XX52.

Hope to see you there!