Welcome to the University of Warwick Anime and Manga Society! We have a fresher taster session on Wednesday 25th September in MS.02! We also have a discord server which we encorage you to join to chat with the members of the society! Weekly showings every Tuesday from 6:30 …

Warwick Anime and Manga Society

The Anime and Manga Society is Warwick's student-run society for anyone with an interest in Anime and Manga. The society is for anyone who would like to meet others who share these interests, or who just want to join us for one of the many events we run each academic year.

Our regular viewings take place in MS.05 (on the second floor of the Maths Building), starting at 18:30 every Tuesday during term time from Week 1 onwards. These events incorporate time for socialising as well as watching anime, so they're an excellent opportunity to meet others and have fun. In addition to this, we also hold many socials and other events across the year!

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Weekly showings

Our regular viewings take place in MS.05 (on the second floor of the Maths Building), starting at 18:30 every Tuesday during term time from Week 1 onwards.

Meal socials

Come join us for our meal socials. We usually go to Japanese style restaurants in the Coventry area.


Join us for an evening Karaoke session featuring all types of music from Anime openings to Western classics! Held usually twice a term and announced here.

Movie Nights / All-Nighters

Come along to our Movie Nights and All-Nighter events where we watch a collection of movies or shows respectively.

News and Announcements:
Welcome announcement

Hello everyone,

With the start of Term 1 quickly approaching we have a few announcements to make. The first of these key announcements is that you can now sign up to become a member of the society at https://www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/societies/animeandmanga/ if you haven’t done so already! This will allow for you to borrow items from our physical library and will also give you an account on our website, https://animesoc …

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Congratulations and general society infomation


Hello everyone,

Congratulations to everyone who will be joining us in September. We are a student run society who focus on Anime and Manga, with weekly meetings, Karaoke, Movie Nights, All-Nighters, and bi-termly meal socials as our main events. We have an extensive collection of physical items in our society library which are on loan to all members, consisting of over 800 items of DVDs and Manga.

We also have a discord server which …

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Verifying Discord Account

Whenever or not you have just joined the Discord or you have been around for years, you may want to get the Member role. To do so, there is only one requirement, being a current member of the society. This is a quick guide to allowing for you to add the role to yourself:

Linking the two accounts:

The first thing you will need to do is to link your Discord account to your University …

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Upcoming Events:

Taster showing Details


Sept. 25, 2019, 6 p.m.



Taster showing 2 Details


Sept. 28, 2019, 6 p.m.